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Vietnamese buyers profile and customs

In a 2016 census of the population there is currently 240,615 Vietnamese-Canadians living in Canada, many of whom reside in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec. The majority of these Vietnamese-Canadian communities arrived in three streams in the mid-1970s, early 1980s, and 1990s and have successfully settled and integrated into Canadian life.

The fourth and most current stream, consists mainly of those who have immigrated to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) and as skilled workers. In PEI, the number of new PNP applicants from Vietnam is increasing fast, with the majority as business owners or senior managers now coming to PEI looking for investment opportunities or to start-up their own business. These upper-middle class newcomers from Vietnam are contributing to a hot PEI real-estate market to some extent as almost all can buy a home or investment right immediately upon arrival at the Charlottetown Airport. 

The typical family size of Vietnamese-Canadians is 2 adults and 2 children with house preferences focused on location, specifically proximity to schools, shopping stores, the downtown area, or to their community and friends. Some common customs among Vietnamese home buyers can be hesitation of houses with roads directly facing the main door, houses with an address number of 4 (Similar to Chinese), some will even rely on fengshui to match their zodiac in selecting the house, etc. The decision maker when purchasing a house is usually the wife and quite often an opinion from a third party whom they trust is also preferred for added input. These are just some general observations and customs, though everyone’s situation and preferences can be distinct.

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