Home buyer checklist

New Canadians can find information for housing at one-stop online source “Housing for Newcomers” by CMHC in the link at the bottom of this page.
Home Purchase Cost Estimate:
Cost of the home:
Purchased price $
+ HST (new built homes only) $
Total costs of the home $
Up-front costs:
Appraisal fee (if applicable) $
Deposit (to be paid when you sign the Offer of Purchase) $
Down payment $
Estoppel certificate fee (for condominium/strata unit) $
Home inspection fee $
Land registration fee $
Legal fees and disbursements $
Mortgage broker’s fees (if applicable) $
Mortgage loan insurance premium (can be included in your mortgage) $
Adjustment for prepaid property taxes and/or utility bills $
Property insurance $
Survey or Certificate of Location fee $
Title insurance $
Other up-front costs $
Total up-front costs $
Other costs
New appliances $
Gardening equipment $
Equipment for clearing snow $
Window coverings (curtains, blinds, etc) $
Decorations $
Hand tools $
Dehumidifier $
Moving expenses $
Renovations or repairs $
Fees for set up utilities and other services $
Condominium fees (if in condo) $
Total other costs $
Total costs (costs of home + up-front costs + other costs) $
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Maintenance calendar:
Seasonal Maintenance Agenda
Months Maintenance tasks or Repair
January/ February
Clean or replace furnace filter
  Check hear recovery ventilator (HRV) and wash or replace filter
  Make sure all air intakes, exhausts and meters are clear of snow
  Clean humidifier
  Clean filter on oven range hood
  Check and fill basement floor drain
March/ April   Clean or replace furnace filter
  Check/ clean HRV; wash or replace filter
  Clean humidifier and turn it off
  Check sump pump
  Check gutters and downspouts and clean it needed
  Inspect air conditioner and service if needed
  Inspect basement or crawl space for signs of leaks or water
  Open vents to outdoor crawlspaces
  Make sure the ground in your yard slope away from foundation wall
May/ June   Open hose connection outside
  Clean windows, screens and hardware; and install screens
  Check that all air intakes and exhausts are clear of debris
  Clean oven range hood filter
  Turn off your HRV if you keep windows open in the summer (leave it running if you mostly keep your windows closed)
  Start spring landscaping in your yard
July/ August   Use dehumidifier if your basement is damp
  Clean filter in the air handling unit if you have central air conditioning
  Check exterior finishes and wood for deterioration
  Check caulking and weather-stripping around windows and the door to your garage
  Check the drainage trap in the basement floor and fill it with water if needed
  Have your furnace or heating system serviced
September/ October   Check and clean fireplace and chimney if needed
  Clean oven range hood filter
  Clean leaves out of all eavestroughs
  Check roof for sign of wear or damage
  Close outside hose connection
  Close windows, skylights
  Clean and reactivate HRV if it was turned off
  Prepare your outdoors plants and trees for winter
November/ December   Check and clean furnace; and clean or replace furnace filter
  Check/clean HRV; and wash or replace the filter
  Clean humidifier and turn it on (if needed)
  Check exhaust fans
  Make sure the gas valve is clear of ice and snow
  Test space heating system
  Close vents to crawl spaces
Every year   Dust or vacuum electric baseboards
  Vacuum ducts behind warm air and return air grilles
  Test plumbing shut-off valves to make sure they are working
  Test pressure relief valve on the hot water tank; and drain water from the tank
  Check all smoke alarms, fire escape routes, fire extinguishers, and window and door locks
  Check and oil door hinges if needed
  Lubricate garage door, motor chain, etc.
  Check attic for signs of moisture in summer or fall
  Check septic system and clean it if needed (usually about once every three years)
Every 2-5 years   Check and repair any cracks in your driveway
  Check and repair the chimney cap and the caulking between the cap and the chimney
  Refinish wood surfaces, including window frames and doors

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